Top 8 Allergen Free Food Products

Allergic reactions reduce the quality of life. Some of the reactions can be life-threatening. Why do allergic reactions occur in the body? Your body has a defense mechanism that fights foreign substances believed to cause harm to the body. If your body defense cells aggressively fight harmless and normal substances, you will get allergic reactions. Some of the common allergens that cause allergic problems are pollens, molds, food, dust, fur from pets and other animals, among others. There are various types of allergic problems. The most common type is hay fever which is caused by dust, pollen, or mold. It is characterized by running nose, itchy nose, eyes, and eyes. The other common type of allergic reaction is asthma which is characterized by difficulty in breathing because of a blocked air path to the lungs. The presence of a lot of mucus is also the one that blocks the free flow of air. The other type of allergic reaction is skin allergy where your skin develops rashes. Skin allergy is caused by the food you eat or come into contact with substances that affect your skin.

What should you do in case of allergic reactions? You are advised to see an allergist as soon as possible. An allergist is a physician that specializes in the treatment of allergic reactions such as asthma. Once they have tested you and established the allergen that causes the reaction, you will be given effective treatment procedures. You may be given a medical prescription which ensures that your reaction is contained. You can also go through immunotherapy sessions. One of the most important advice you will be told is to avoid the allergy that causes the problems. It may be hard to evade allergies that are caused by allergens transferred by air such as pollen grains. If you are affected by pollen, you have to stay indoors or go to places without the allergen. If it is dust, ensure the house is dust-free. If the allergy is caused by food, you will have to eat allergen-free food products.

Which allergen-free food products should you eat? You may be aware of the fact that most food allergens are found in animal products and foods that are gluten. What if you eat gluten-free products that are plant-based? You should also be aware of the big 8 allergens. They include milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soya. The following are the top 8 allergen-free food products you need to try.

1. You should try eating mini-chips food products. They only have three ingredients in them. They contain pure chocolate which makes them tasty. They are free from sulfites and the top eight allergens.
2. The granola bars are also free from the top 8 allergens and gluten. They taste good and are suitable for everyone.
3. The gourmet pumpkin seeds are also friendly to people with allergy problems. They are free from gluten and the top eight allergens
4. Bread srsly is free from gluten and gluten.
5. Chocolate and sea salt bar with no gluten and free from top eight allergens

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