A Guide to Selecting the Right Golden Retriever

When it comes to dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is most preferred worldwide due to its versatility and intelligence. Other than being great companions, Golden Retrievers have also been proven to be excellent service and hunting dogs. They are also quite energetic ,eager to please and train and also adapt well to new homes ,thereby making them a coveted dog breed. You should however keep in mind that just like any other dog breed, Golden Retrievers also have desirable and less desirable traits, hence the need to know the AKC guidelines to make your search for a puppy easier. To be on the safe side, you should learn more about the breed and look for a reputable breeder. Highlighted below are guidelines for selecting the ideal Golden Retriever.

One step to choosing the right Golden Retriever is to learn more about the breed. This will help you to find a puppy whose personality fits yours. One thing you should know about this dog breed is that they are generally well-behaved but tend to act out if not given enough attention. They are also good family dogs, highly trainable and also behave well and amicably with children as well as other pets. However, when left alone for longer periods, they do not do well, and this means that crate training may take extra time. By taking all theses factors into account, you will have an easy one identifying a Golden Retriever that will best suit your needs and preferences.

The next step to choosing the right Golden Retriever is to find a reputable breeder. Buying your Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder will ensure that you get the right breed which is also o good health. A good breeder will keep his or her dogs in good condition and also clean facility. Additionally he or she will be involved in agility show competitions, tracking as well as hunting shows. The breeder should also be dedicated to networking with other dog enthusiasts as it helps to keep a long line of healthy dogs for the generations to come. A reputable breeder should have a membership with a recognized professional body such as the Golden Retriever club of America or any other local Golden Retriever club.

When choosing a Golden Retriever, you should ask consider the health condition of the dog. One thing you should also know about Golden Retrievers is that while they are a generally healthy breed, they are also are prone to cancer, heart disease and also hip dysplasia. It is therefore, important to ask for the health records of the parents to establish whether the puppy you intend to buy has any genetic health conditions. A reputable breeder will not hesitate to provide you with all the health records you may need. Be sure to also check out other health concerns such as fleas, scabbing on the coat, clear eyes as well as discharge from the eyes and nose.

Lastly, you should consider the aspect of personality when choosing a Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are known to have a likeable personality, meaning that they tend to get excited at the sight of people, although the energy of each puppy may vary depending on other factors. You should settle for a puppy that lets you hold it without being aggressive or distant. You can also decide to meet the puppies as a group to see how they engage with their litter mates. This will show you if the puppy is aggressive or social, hence make an informed choice.

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